3 on 3 Tourney Prelims
3 on 3 Long Form Improv Tournament Prelim Round

We are very excited about Theatre 99's 3 on 3 Long Form Improv Tournament in April!

Each prelim round will feature six teams with 3 members each.  Each team will perform for 8 minutes and after all groups have performed, the audience will vote on the top 2 teams that will move on to the next round.


Here's another exciting thing about the Tournament:  Each prelim round will have a Wild Card team made up of three audience members.  Audience members that want a chance to perform can put their name in the hat and three lucky peeps will be drawn at the top of the show!


The second act will feature a big 'ole improv jam featuring the winning teams.


It's a great time and we hope that you can join us!


Prelim dates:

Friday, April 11

Friday, April 18

Friday, April 25


8:00 p.m. each night.