Comedian Vic Henley
Comedian Vic Henley

A true comedy veteran, Alabama-born Vic Henley has done it all.  Co-author of a national bestselling book "Games Rednecks Play" with fellow comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Vic has appeared on HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, BRAVO, CMT and just about every other stand up comedy show on television.  He was a VH-1 VJ and has his own Comedy Central Presents half hour special as well as performances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

With an easy style that covers a variety of topics, Vic’s material has been featured on nationally syndicated radio shows like “John Boy and Billy” as well as SIRIUS XM’s Raw Dog and Blue Collar comedy channels. 

Vic’s innate ability to turn perfectly reasonable adults into guffawing idiots has made him a crowd favorite all over the world.  Whether it’s HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, or the granddaddy of them all-The
Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, Henley has drawn rave reviews and packed houses.  His success at Edinburgh led to a slew of BBC TV appearances on stand up and talk shows, some where he was the first American to perform.

In 2009 Vic combined his writing and performing skills in the Sacha Baron Cohen feature film, Bruno. 

Vic resides in New York City and can be seen on numerous stages including The Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club, Comix and The Comedy Cellar. 

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